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WellNest is the only all-in-one solution for private yoga instructors that connects you to thousands of local yoga students.

Whether you’re an experienced or recently-certified yoga teacher, WellNest handles all your booking, scheduling, marketing and payments.

Just join, teach yoga on your own schedule and build your nest.


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"I have personally experienced the positive physical and mental effects of yoga, and want to make it as accessible to others to reap the benefits. WellNest was created with that goal in mind - to inspire more students to practice, create more jobs for teachers, and to cultivate more happiness for everyone."

Simple Scheduling
Appointments are easy to organize and track with 24/7 booking. 
Mindful Marketing
Influencing made effortlesswe promote you.
Peaceful Payments
Direct deposits and secure accounting helps money flow straight into your account.
Steady Progress
Whether you are recently-certified or an experienced teacher, you will benefit from growing your clientele. 
Worry-Free Financials
Earn money and experience on your own time - without a set studio schedule. 
Calm Cancellations
Get paid through our drama-free cancellation policy --even if a student doesn't show. 

As Simple As Shavasana

Eron Zehavi
Founder, WellNest


Apply in minutes and get approved.

Earn Money

Track your income and get paid in a safe, secure and, timely manner.


Set your own schedule and accept requests from local students.

Nadia Noir
Yoga Teacher

"As a recently-trained yoga teacher, getting new students or managing my schedule seemed daunting. WellNest has all the tools I need to not only empower me to get started, but to spread the healing benefits of yoga with confidence."

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